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25th-Apr-2004 06:54 am
Guh!! I missed to go to Kyosei to watch Gymkhana because of catching cold!! GUUUH!! *cries*

I've read a bunch of columns and essays which mention that terrible "self-responsibility."

There was this thing days ago;
My grandmother came home, and while talking with her, the topic came to the kidnapping in Iraq and she said;

"the kidnapped people had to be more careful, it was not good that they made Japanese people worried and made government take care of them"

I was tremendously taken aback. How dare she?
And it made me wonder WHAT made her thinking like that-- because I hadn't watched TV or reading articles which are related to Japanese government and politicians at that time... I couldn't stand them, especially Koizumi.

Now I've read articles about "self-responsibility" issue and understood what made her say so.
Ridiculous. Extremely ridiculous.
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