Taiz /タイヅ (brandstetter) wrote,
Taiz /タイヅ


I haven't posted here for a while. Something busy, something nothing special.

Well... About Kabuki scene.

ICHIKAWA Shinnosuke will succeed to ICHIKAWA Ebizo's name next year.

It might be a good news since I like him as a good Kabuki acter, but I'm not so enjoying it-- because it seems just a rutine, sort of.
I know it's better than that they can't succeed till they get too old, and it's kinda natural since I guess he's talented than other young acters (at least far better than XXXX, even though his Musashi was a total failure), but after those rush of succssion celemonies....*sigh*
Anyway, I'm looking forward to see his Benkei at his succession tour since I've watched his Togashi already(It was beautiful, but felt a bit too young to act. I mean, his speach was too fast at a scene.)

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