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5th-Oct-2003 07:53 pm
Jesus! (Should I say Budha! or something? LoL)
I was forgetting to get the ticket for that Chicago philharmonic/Sylvie Guillem for "Bolero" at Tokyo!!
Can't believe...*shocked*

I'd go Pia and buy another venue's....sigh. No orchestra there, may be.
What I afraid most is the audiences. It is the reason I go to Tokyo all the way.
9th-Nov-2003 06:09 am (UTC)
I'm late repling...sorry.X(

>extremely important to learn
Yes, I understand. but, what I'm wondering is, if I have a friend whom I don't know well yet, whether I can use those casual phrases or not. I think if I use them partly, it might seem odd...so I didn't use "fave" this time.(thank you, I noticed.:)) Anyway first of all, I have to learn more! :)

>a lot of manga and anime is crap
I agree, especially recent ones. So I don't read much manga recently.
Is it so expensive? It's the same for me... I sometimes buy Heavy Metal Magazine and it costs more than three times, but I have no such friend like you have. :(
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