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5th-Oct-2003 07:53 pm
Jesus! (Should I say Budha! or something? LoL)
I was forgetting to get the ticket for that Chicago philharmonic/Sylvie Guillem for "Bolero" at Tokyo!!
Can't believe...*shocked*

I'd go Pia and buy another venue's....sigh. No orchestra there, may be.
What I afraid most is the audiences. It is the reason I go to Tokyo all the way.
26th-Oct-2003 09:36 am (UTC)
I'm sorry I'm late again.

>So you'd say I'm multilingual
>it's commonly used.
Thank you so much! I was wondering about it for ages. :D

Thank you for the usage for "shit", too.
I try not to use it(especially around my employer :)), however, since I didn't know about "the shit" at all, it will be really helpful! Thank you again. Yes, Sushi is the shit!

Blade of the Immortal?! It's one of the most favorites of mine, too!!!
His works are unbelievably brilliant... Plus, I'm totally knocked out by that wonderful mixture of correct historical investigations and the originality for Edo era. I can nothing but sigh. It's good to see another fan!
26th-Oct-2003 03:08 pm (UTC)
Glad to be of service :) I know that a foreign tongue's slang is one of the most difficult, but extremely important to learn. For example, nobody (in America, anyway) says "Do you have a pen?" unless the occasion's formal or the person to whom you speak is a stranger. Most of the times it's "Got a pen?" "Gimme a pen" "Fork over a pen", ect. And in case you didn't notice before, instead of "favorite" you can say "fave" (i.e. That manga's one of my faves!) :)

Omg, Samura's a god!! It's one of the few mangas I'm actually impressed by (a lot of manga and anime is crap, I'm sorry to say, though there are a few that continue to stun me). I can't wait for the next volume to come out. It's pretty expensive buying them, but a friend has the series so I read all of them through him :)
9th-Nov-2003 06:09 am (UTC)
I'm late repling...sorry.X(

>extremely important to learn
Yes, I understand. but, what I'm wondering is, if I have a friend whom I don't know well yet, whether I can use those casual phrases or not. I think if I use them partly, it might seem odd...so I didn't use "fave" this time.(thank you, I noticed.:)) Anyway first of all, I have to learn more! :)

>a lot of manga and anime is crap
I agree, especially recent ones. So I don't read much manga recently.
Is it so expensive? It's the same for me... I sometimes buy Heavy Metal Magazine and it costs more than three times, but I have no such friend like you have. :(
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